The Intercontinental Breakfast is a professional wrestling podcast, recorded in Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland since March 2017.

The show is hosted by Breffni O'Sullivan, a rather tall bald man, and his best friend Nathan Charlesworth, who is not a rather tall bald man.

Breffni is the host and producer of The Intercontinental Breakfast. He has been podcasting since 2010 on both a personal and professional basis, previously hosting the long-running movie review podcast 'The Film Show: Talkin' Movies' for 138 episodes. He primarily works in technical recruitment, also hosting and producing a recruitment and company engagement podcast 'New Job Radio' as part of his role.

Nathan is the co-host of The Intercontinental Breakfast and 'owns' the 'studio' in which the show is recorded. Originally from Bolsover, Chesterfield, England, Nathan currently works in retail management, and wishes to remind everyone that he still has all his hair, unlike some.

Having originally been released via SoundCloud, the two-year anniversary of the show saw The Intercontinental Breakfast move to the Transistor platform, becoming a weekly show, with new episodes released every Friday morning at 7am GMT.

The show is recorded with a Zoom H6, Rode Procaster microphones, and a Behringer HA400 mini amplifier, also using Rode PSM-1, PSA-1, and Windshield studio equipment. Every episode is edited in Audacity and GarageBand on MacOS.

The Intercontinental Breakfast is produced and published by ICB Studios.


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